Writing Books

In the past, I have given some thought to authoring a book. This seemed like a time intensive task. However the best selling authors must be making some bank. How do you get a book published? And how do you make money on such a venture?

These days I suspect it is easier than it seems to publish a book. You can probably get low volume runs of books for small initial costs. Or you could pay to get the books published on a copy by copy basis. This is how Lulu works I believe. And this method was good enough for the book "Getting Real" by 37Signals. So it appears to be a legitimate avenue.

Currently I am pumping my thoughts into a number of blogs as opposed to books. We shall see where this goes. One warning that made me doubt the ability to make a living on books was some comments from author Charles Petzold. I consider him the father of Windows programming. At least he wrote the seminal book on Windows 3.1 programming. In his blog, Charles says, "I can not longer rely on book royalties to keep me afloat". And if a legend like Petzold cannot make ends meet as an author, I figure I have not chance.