SEO Elite Tactics

I recently read an ebook written by the author of the SEO Elite software program. So I googled him. Then I decided to Google the "SEO Elite" product. I was not surprised that the top paid link in the search results was the maker of SEO Elite. However the second paid link was surprising. It was "SEO Elite 4.0 Is a Scam".

Now who would hate a software product enough to pay for ads in a campaign against the software product? Inquiring minds want to know. So I clicked through to see. The page looked surprisingly like the real SEO Elite web site. But there was a whole argument why you should not buy SEO Elite. After reading some of the copy I realized that this was a sarcastic rant against SEO Elite. In fact, it appears this site was done by the makers of SEO Elite as well. Brilliant. They got me to their site.

For now I do not plan to buy SEO Elite. The thing costs $167. I could buy Microsoft Office for that amount of cash. But it was an interesting education in off beat marketing.