Bidvertiser Enabled

Today I signed up for a Bidvertiser account to add advertisements to my blogs. It was really quick. I got an e-mail back with a code, entered the code, and created an account in seconds.

This is one thing I have noticed with Bidvertiser. Updates happen immediately. If I add or change an advertisement layout, the effects take place immediately.

Unlike some other restrictive advertising programs, Bidvertiser lets me open the ads in a separate window from my blogs. This is nice in that it allows the user to continue to see my blog pages.

So far I have noticed that ads match the categories that I have chosen for them. However they do not seem to track the content on the pages where they are served up. Perhaps it takes some time for the ads to read my page content. Or maybe Bidvertiser does not strongly correlate page content with ad content. The bottom line is that I will see how this affects ad click through.

I am hoping for good things from these Bidvertiser ads. Wish me luck.