Boom Boom

Recently I discovered the SEOmoz web site. There is a lot of good stuff in their blog. Seems they have a staff which frequently posts entries of interest. I like reading up on Search Engine Optimization. In fact I want to use some of those techniques to increase my ranking of the SERPS.

One such SEOmoz post was by Rebecca. Her posts are interesting. It helps that she always has a picture of herself next to her posts (and it is a good picture of her). Anyway she was reporting about the feud between founders of RocketBoom. Yeah. Never heard of it either. But after seeing a picture of Amanda Congdon, host of RocketBoom, I understand what the "boom" was about.

So now I think I need to get more boom in my web sites, blogs, and products. I already have a couple applications which download and display images of starlets. However pictures of Britney Spears only bring you so far in the business world. Check out the picture of Amanda I had included in this post. She is an unknown, but is looking good. How can I harness that image or video power for my business? This is a good question to ponder.