Black of Hat Blog

I have decided to conduct a new experiment with my ISV. The steps are being documented in a new blog called Black of Hat. The goal will be to write small applications with "questionable usage". In other words they shall be Black Hat or hacker type progs. I am going to start out providing them for free.

The first program I have released is called Click. It launches Internet Explorer and navigates to sites of your choosing. I imagine you can figure out some good uses for this kind of program. Depending on your mood, they can be used for good or evil.

Speaking of evil, I have decided on this change of venue as a result of being kicked out of the Google AdSense program. Who knows? Maybe they will have given me the wake up call that inspires me to great deeds. We shall see. I am already planning out my second free program. My goal is to do rapid application development and release it in a couple days.