Lessons from Entrpreneur

Entrepreneur Magazine has used its publishing arm to produce a book titled "Start Your Own Blogging Business". This topic hits close to home as I am in the middle of running such an operation. I found a lot of gems packed in this book which is less than 100 pages total. In this post I hope to share some relevant thoughts from the book.

One trick that I had never thought about is as follow. Apparently some popular blogs change their page layouts to prevent readers from tuning out. At first I would be afraid to do so. It might mess up the search engine optimization I have done. But on second thought, this activity is for the readers, not the search engines. Now that I think about it, I suspect some sites that I visit do this to keep me on my toes. Maybe I will try it with a smaller blog I run to check the results.

The book I read also gets down to the heart of the blogging business matter. And that is how to best profit from a blog. It mentions one technique of selling an ad-free version of your blog. However the book recommends against trying to solicit donations from your readers. It strongly recommends that you join an affiliate program. An affiliate program is where you, as a publisher, earn money when readers click through an advertisement on your site and buy something on the retailer's site. Apparently you can earn around 10% of the sale using this method.