Driven to Scams

I am always on the lookout for additional means to make money online. So I have been reading up the barrage of free ebooks that I have found. These books also provide me with a source of entertainment. The latest such book I read was called "How I made $2734.79 in 7 days!". Don't you think the 79 cents was a nice touch for the title? I had a bad feeling about this book after skimming through the introduction. The author did not know how to use a spellchecker, and also did not know English grammar rules. He confessed that English was not his first language so I cut him some slack.

The claim from the introduction is that you can make $500 daily with no out of pocket costs. The good news is, having read the whole ebook, that I think the author is telling the truth about no out of pocket costs. This is actually quite amazing. Normally you need to pony up some money so the author can give you the rest of the secret. The bad news is that, to make this large daily profit, you have to scam your customers. Hopefully karma is taking care of the evil propagators of this scam.

Here is an overview of this dude's scam to make the big bucks:
  1. Join an affiliate program that pays for click through
  2. Create free e-mail accounts
  3. Configure you free e-mail accounts to auto respond with the click through URL
  4. Masquerade as a hottie on free advertising sites, tricking people to e-mail you
  5. Sit back and watch as suckers get tricked and click on your link

I felt dirty even reading this technique. But here is the morbid part. The author of the plan showed no remorse in these tactics. He even coached you on how to make your victims think you are a real girl who wants to meet guys. Oh the sleaze. The real sad thing is that this guy probably makes some good money on this scheme.

There has to be a better way to make good money online. I am really hoping my next ebook is better than this one. Its title is "Search Engine Optimization Made Easy". Let's hope for a better book report next time.