It can take a long time working on your Micro ISV before you turn a profit. During that time you need to eat and pay bills. One way to deal with this is to save up some up money beforehand. Or you could just work your Micro ISV on the side while you have a day job. A final technique is to freelance while you develop your product.

I read a book on becoming a great freelancer. There are many issues involved. The term freelancer comes from a being soldier for hire. A freelancer is free to choose the work they do. They are their own bosses. However they have clients that they work for, even though legally they are their own bosses.

Another name for a freelancer is a contractor. Freelancers frequently have more than one client. They run their own business. To be a good freelancer, you must be good at what you do. It is hard to get started in freelancing. But after a while you will have repeat clients and a solid code base to draw upon.

If you decide to freelance on the side while working a normal job, don’t do freelance work while on the clock for your employer. This might sound like a good way to double dip. But it will hurt you in the end. Good luck freelancers of the world.