Hostess Non-Guarantee

I picked up a bag of powdered doughnuts from the store. The price came out to $3 before tax. These things tasted good. When I first broke into the bag to chow down, I read the back of the back. This is where I found the Quality Guarantee: "HOSTESS is committed to providing quality bakery products. We invite you comments and questions."

WTF is that? It sounded like some crap that their lawyers wrote. I guess I am a little spoiled by real guarantees where the company backs the guarantee with a money back offer. That is standing by your product. What is Hostess backing their guarantee with? If I don't think the product has quality, I can ask them a question? It seems they take their customers for fools.

Come on Hostess. If you cannot offer a real guarantee, don't try to hide behind some lawyer mumbo-jumbo. Either skip the guarantee or stand behind your product. What an epic fail. And to think that I actually like the taste of their doughnuts. The stinking "quality guarantee" left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Weak I tell you. Weak.

Customer Service is King

I am reading a technical magazine to get some ideas for blogging. That is where I came across a picture of a guy in an airport talking on his cell phone. It was an advertisement for a wireless phone company. And the ad was working.

Here are some quotes from the ad copy. "Increase billable hours. Respond to clients quickly. Access data. Connect with clients. Get more 3G coverage". I don't know about you. But just by reading this, I am sold.

Now I am not going to link to this wireless phone company. Do you know why? Their sorry customer service and shady billing practices have made me dislike them. I am looking to replace them with another carrier. Isn't that a shame? They won my attention with great marketing. However poor prior service ruined the sale. For shame.