Ads by ADster

I have been looking for ways to monetize my blog other than Google AdSense. Although I have put Bidvertiser ads on all my blogs, nobody has clicked on any ads. At least that is what Bidvertiser is reporting. Recently I added ADster ads to some of my blogs. And I have already started earning money from visitors clicking on the ADster ads.

So I proceeded to put ADster ads on all my blogs. I am hoping for good returns on this effort. One nice thing I like about the Pay Per Click (PPC) ADster ads is that you can have a lot of them on your page. I am setting the maximum amount of ads to 10 or 20 per page. So far 10 is the maximum I have see ADster serve up on any given page.

I am contemplating looking in Project Wonderful advertising. It is a new concept in advertiser pricing. Everything is bid oriented. And you get paid per day, not per click. This sounds very interesting to me. Plus there is no way you can get in trouble if somebody click bombs you.