Coaching Program Proposition

I was reading a lot of posts in a forum about Google AdSense. The forum itself had AdSense ads on it. Most of these ads were not of interest so I ignored them. However one ad claimed that somebody made $220,000 a month. Of course that sounds too good to be true. But it also sounded interesting. So I clicked through to hear the spiel.

Apparently some guy claimed to have made $220,000 in December and January. Now that a lot of green. He was now offering a limited opportunity to coach a maximum of 250 people. All you need to do is pay him $57 a month, and he will coach you. OK. Let's do the math. Suppose 250 people actually sign up and pat the $57 per month. That will be revenue of about $14,000 a month. Not bad. But here is the fundamental question: If he can make $220k a month, why would he step down to only making $14k a month?

So what is the logical conclusion? This dude did not make $220k a month, or even $220k a year. He just wants to get my 57 bucks. I will give this guy some credit. He wrote some good ad copy in his AdSense ad. Out of all the ads displayed on the forum, I chose his. But he lost his AdWords fee for my click through. You got to lay out a story that is at least a little believable and makes sense. Nice try guy.