Scare Tactics

So I got myself a free ebook called "The Truth" which was supposed to help me become successful online. I am all about becoming successful. However I got no further than the copyright page of this ebook. Here is an except from this page:
If you try to steal, copy, or distribute any part of this book ... we will have our legal counsel contact you and make you wish you had never done such a stupid thing in your life.

Hey. I understand that content creators like to copyright their work. I create original work myself and don't want it stolen. But this ebook's copyright notice was just plain crazy. It also seemed a bit unprofessional. Well to each their own.

The other funny thing about this whole situation was that after I skipped to the last page of the document, it stated "Over the next 10 days you will be receiving our additional free report". LOL. Maybe so. But over the next 10 minutes I am going to figure out who sent me this free ebook in the first place, and put an e-mail rule in place to forward all e-mails from these people to my trash folder.

I don't need any more comical threats about unleashing their legal department on me. Even if their legal department is cousin Larry, the whole tone of the pitch was ruined on page 2. I will try to take this experience to heart, and try not to turn people off early with my own copy. And if I gain at least 1 lesson learned from this ordeal, it will not have been all for waste.