Wealth Building

I continue to read diverse books to help guide me through the early years of my business. The latest book I am on is Wealth Building 101 from the Trump University. The subtitle of this book is "Your First 90 Days on the Path to Prosperity". Legendary Donald Trump is the editor of the book. The chapters are written by various experts in their field.

There are some thoughts in this book which are new to me. For example, one of the chapter authors stresses that you need to be doing activities which are highly lucrative. Are you cleaning your house? That's a minimum wage task that a millionaire would not waste time doing.

Some common themes are also reviewed in the book. Many of the authors state that you need to spend money to make money. But they take it a step further. Instead of worrying about the cost of doing business, they advise you to think more about what the profit will be. In that way, even if an initial cost may be high, you only judge the investment in terms of the end payout.

I definitely plan to read through this whole book. You know if Donald Trump is the editor, the selected authors are most likely first rate. In addition, I want to put the lessons learned into practice. Just today I wrote a program that I could write about and release on one of my blogs. I must have spent a few hours thinking and planning the software. And it took a few hours to write the software. However there has been no direct payout to me for developing the program. I posted it for free with the long term goal of attracting readers and monetizing that blog. We shall see if this was a wise investment of my time.