iWoz : The Book

I just finished reading the book iWoz by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Corporation. It was very interesting to get another viewpoint about the origins of Apple. These guys had a dynamite product in the Apple I computer. However they were struggling even when they had huge orders to fill. It took money to make money. I am pondering how this may be relevant to my own small ISV.

Steve hammers home some lessons he wants readers to take away in the final chapter. One is that you might truly need to think outside the box for product development. And this will cause all kinds of people to doubt you. But you should stay true. Another interesting point he stressed was that, for engineers, it is sometimes better to be a one man show to get a great work done. Well I am in that boat.

I initially read the book out of curiosity of Wozniak. However I ended up learning some things about business from the book. Even though there are a number of things I don't really like about the Woz, I have to admit this was one enjoyable read.