High and Low Profit Ads

Now that I am starting to get visitors to my blogs, and more importantly clicks, I am busy analyzing the results. The sad thing is that some of the topics I like writing about the most make the least amount of money per click. Luckily I also tend to get more of those clicks so it might even out in the end. Two example of this are blogging and running a software company. I can't help but generate a lot of new posts about these topics. But the Google AdSense profit per click for ads on these types of blogs are quite disappointing.

I have some other niche interests. These include software maintenance and development with Oracle databases. I don't get as many visitors to these sites. The click through is low as well. But when I do get clicks, I get a lot more money per click from Google for them. The problem is that it is hard to write a good blog post about Oracle development. So far I have not taken in enough data. But I am starting to spot the trends in advertising with AdSense.

There is one more interesting fact about the ads that get served up on my blogs. The ones on the poorly paying blogs look like more interesting ads anyway. Maybe that is why I get more clicks on them. I suspect there is a whole science as to how Google decides which ads to place on my site. But I don't worry about that or take that into account when determining what to write in my blogs.