The Reach of Marketing

I love a good original chicken sandwich at Burger King. That's why I head there when I get a coupon from them that sweetens the deal. I might get a free fries, drink, or even a second sandwich. The coupon gets my attention and reminds me to go. However it is the tasty sandwich that seals the deal.

As I was waiting for my sandwich to be cooked, I stared and the digital display of food in Burger King. Their latest promotion is for chicken fries. They got a cooky looking animated chicken running around their display. I smiled when the chicken winked and me. And I laughed when the chicken drank a coke on screen.

The problem with the chicken fries is that they just don't taste good. No amount of gimmicks is going to get me to buy them. You got to start with a good product. Then use your marketing to draw in the crowds and hook them. The hook does not work if you are selling snake oil.