Super Sale

I got an e-mail from a company. They claimed somebody was selling their $176 software for only $4.95. Oh the humanity. But here was the deal. They decided to offer me the same low low price that some thieves did for their software. So I could get myself a copy of this software worth $176 for only $4.95. On the surface this sounds like a greater value.

OK. So what does the software do? Apparently the software made the owner of the software a profit of $200,000 in only 2 weeks. And I could get this tool for only $4.95 for a limited time. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this picture? That's like trying to sell a machine which produces $100 bills for only 25 cents. Ha ha.

There is only one real question in my mind. Why does somebody who makes $100,000 a week want to sell me a program for $4.95? Two conclusions come to mind: (1) he does not really make $100,000 a week, or (2) he is so rich he can sell me a great tool for next to nothing. My gut is telling me this is a case of reason #1. However if this was really a reason #2 scenario, why not just give away the software?

Heck I am making a measly $75 a week myself. And I give away free software. Shouldn't a millionaire do the same? And therein lines the dilemma. I tried to e-mail the author of the software. However I just got an e-mail auto responder that basically told me not to bother him. LOL!