Selling Features

I got a minimal set of working features in the app I want to sell. You would think I should start selling. However I want to add about 20 percent more. These will be the killer features I hope will generate more sales.

This is all a numbers game. Perhaps the new features might increase sales. But if I don't put this thing on sale right now, I will get no sales until I do. They say you should release the minimal viable product and start the sales right away. However I need to have some hot features to put on my sales page.

There are a whole lot more ideas I could implement. I am saving all of those for versions 2 and beyond. So I think I can delay shipping the first product for a month or so.

Version 1.0

I got version 1.0 of my Poker Quiz application completed today. This thing helps you learn to identify the correct poker hand. Now I could sell this version. But I think if I put in another 20 percent effort, I can have a really polished version 2.0 ready to wow my customers.

Currently the game plays correctly. It has a minimal high score screen. I have an install program that will configure the app on a Windows PC. Things are looking pretty good. It has taken about a month to get this far. One week I was sick. So the actual calendar time was 3 weeks. Another 20 percent effort should take less than a week.

Now the hard part comes along. I need to set up a web site to sell the thing. Perhaps I should get that effort started while I work on getting to version 2.0. That way the web site can gain some relevance in the search engines such as Google. Yeah. Okay so I need to figure out my domain name, and get the darn thing registered. Will keep you posted.