Marketing for Sale

I got an e-mail from a new software download site. They said that they offered a full line of features on their site to help highlight my software. Here is cost for assorted services:
  • $6.00/week : screen shot
  • $15.00/week : download page
  • $9.00/week : top in category
  • $18.00/week : premium search
  • $24.00/week : hottest download
  • $22.50/week : highly recommended
  • $45.00/week : premium listing
  • $75.00/week : header spotlight
This is quite amusing. I guess these guys are trying to make some money. But I don't even pay for services from the big download sites like or Tucows. So I do not think I will be taking them up on their offer.

What I wonder is whether anybody is paying for these services. Maybe I should visit their site to check out who is taking advantage of the extra services for pay.