Sad Spammers

I am sure you all have heard about the Nigerian bank scam e-mails. However I continue to be amazed at the spin offs of this scam. The real funny thing is the return e-mail provided in the latest spammer scams. Here are my two favorites:

(1) Got an e-mail from a member of the sub committee of finance in South Africa. They want to send me some left over money from their Olympics fund. OK so far. But guess where I need to send my correspondence?

(2) It gets better. I get an e-mail from the UK Online Lottery stating that I am a winner. In fact I have won 450,000 pounds. Not sure how many US dollars that translates to. But to claim my prize I have to e-mail

Can't these spammers get something more respectable looking that a free Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail account? LOL. I almost want to e-mail these people back. Maybe if they are that dumb they can be tricked into giving me some free links to build page rank.