Gettings Conversions

Suppose I actually want to get some volume to software sales. How could I do this? I suppose this would require some initial investment on my part. But I could take the profits for one month and reinvest them in the company. How would this all work out?

I guess I could try to target some low cost Google AdWords. But the users would have to click through to a landing page optimized to complete the sale. Don't know the most compelling way to write that copy. And I guess I need all kinds of flexibility on that page. Should I allow payments by PayPal? Do I have to accept credit cards? And what about purchase orders?

It feels like I am getting a little ahead of myself. My real focus is to determine whether I could recoup an investment for placing Google AdWords ads. I am worried about things such as click fraud. Don't want to spend my hard earned money on somebody not interested in my product. And even if I can get interested users to my site, I would want to maximize the conversion rate of those visitors.

There are many unknowns here. I imagine I could start out on a very small scale and see what happens, see what works. These details are what running a small ISV are really all about.