Sweepstake Fail

I saw a Nesquik sweepstakes with a nice grand prize. It was a trip to Disney World. I could use a prize like that for the family. However I did not have any Nesquik. There was a way to get codes via snail mail. I sent off for one, including a self addressed stamped envelope.

I got a reply pretty quickly. The code came with a nicely colored letter from Nestle consumer services. They directed me to a Disney site to enter my code. Okay. I entered the link and found that I needed a Disney account to participate. Annoying. but I entered in some info. They required all kinds of personal stuff. I had to give them some bogus info to prevent an identity theft when somebody hacks their database.

Finally I enter my code. Then I was expecting to find out whether I won or not. No such luck. I just get to some screen that gives me a choice of some free stuff. It all seemed like garbage. I took the least sucky option of downloading a printable image. I clicked it, but never got the image.

Okay let's review. I provided these schmucks a self addressed stamped envelope. In return, I had to enter in all my personal info. Then I was not informed whether I won. I also could not even collect their weak door prize due to some error on the web site, or some other nonsense. Way to frustrate a customer Disney and Nestle.

Rock Star Pay Discrepancy

I just read a eye opening post from Hirelite comparing Rock Star pay. Rock star programmers make 10% more than regular programmers. While rock star musicians make 150,000% more than regular musicians. Whoa.

I am looking at this from the programmer perspective. There are two ways to see it. One is that it does not pay to be a rock star programmer. At least it does not pay significantly more. Why be a rock star then? You could just sit back and chill like a regular developer and make just about the same amount.

The real answer is that you need to own your own business. Then if you can leverage your rock star skills, you can make a whole lot more.

Price Points

I got an old Chevy pickup truck. When I say old, I mean about 20 years old. The thing runs. But it is showing its age. I figured I could spend some money to fix the thing up. However I started thinking about replacing the thing.

One of the problem is that trucks seem to cost a lot of money these days. I could buy a used one. But that poses a risk that I buy a used one that is thrashed. so I have been keeping an eye out on car ads in the paper.

I saw an ad for a new Chevy truck that was marked down to $16k. So I went to the dealership and took a test drive. The thing had some issues. It was underpowered with a V6 engine. The color was white which I detest. It was a bare bones model - no CD player or power lock/windows/etc. But you can't argue with the price.

Initially I passed on the deal as cash was tight. Then I saw the price keep falling to just over $14k. Woohoo. I was trying to saw up the cash. Then the price jumped back up to $16k. Now that is still a nice discount from the MSRP. But these guys are not going to get a sale from me if the previusly offered the same vehicle for $2k less.