School Projects for Sale

There is a new business opportunity over in India - creating projects for students in school. Tech students learn a lot of theory. But they are lacking in practical experience. Their colleges require them to submit worthy projects. Many students are finding this near impossible. They are turning to companies that can provide the finished products to them.

Former grads are racing to create companies to provide the "project support" to students. There is apparently a lot of demand. You got to know what you are doing. It also helps if you keep up with the engineering industry to see what is hot. I guess there is a bit of manual labor involved if you have to wire up the project yourself. The component prices might be cheap though, especially if you buy in bulk.

I hear the going rate for project is between $300 to $750. You pay more if you are trying to get an advanced degree. Luckily there is some competition, so the prices are not that high. Seems like a deal to me.

Now I would not recommend any student buy such a project. The whole point of a project is to learn while building the project. But perhaps purchasing a project will help you figure out how to do business in the future. Let's just hope these engineering graduates aren't designing the air planes you fly in.