The Success of Ashley Qualls

I want to talk a little about Ashley Qualls. She is the CEO of whateverlife, a site that gives out free Myspace backgrounds. There are two amazing things about Ashley: (1) her company makes around $1 million a year, and (2) she is only 17 years old. How do you like those statistics?

My own ISV was started a long time ago. But after an initial failure I stopped working on it. However when I read Ashley's story, I was inspired to pick up the pieces and give it a go again. Ashley had the power to overcome adversity and become successful. So I figured I had no excuse not to forge ahead as well.

One funny thing is that in 2006, she got an offer of $1.5 million to buy her company. Luckily she declined. She is well on her way towards making $1.5 million a year I think. And who knows? She may be able to make even more. Mad props to you Ashley. Check out her site Whatever Life.