Word of Mouth

I have been diligently trying to get my blogs to show up higher in the Google search engine results pages. This has been an uphill battle. For some specific phrases I can come up on topic. But when using the main keyword or two in a search, my blogs are nowhere to be found. Users still somehow end up at my blog. But the traffic had been low low low. I actually don't care about the traffic stats per se. However I do care that my AdSense click through profits have been disappointing.

Then I started taking a new strategy. I have been mentioning my blogs to other software developers that I know. And I bring up the work that I am doing on the blogs and promoting the blogs with them. The result is that some small portion of people I know want to check out my blogs. And then I have found that some ads interest them and I get some click through. Now this isn't making me rich or anything. But at least the results are better than before.

I am not sure how to proceed. My original goal was to show up at the top of the SERPs and get a lot of traffic and clicks. I would still like that to happen. However I am finding a better payoff by promoting my blogs through other means like networking. Perhaps it is time for a shift in strategy. I will continue to network with other software development professionals to see if word of mouth advertising can scale up. As usual, I will keep you posted on the results.