The Sacrifice

I have been working on two projects at once for the past week: (1) manually submitting a new app to lots of download sites, and (2) taking notes so I can write an app to automatically submit to these sites.

There is already a good piece of software that can do this. But that software costs $$$ and also requires a montly subscription service. I have a tight budget while I try to generate some revenue. So I have to do this the hard way.

The work itself is not bad. I am a developer at heart. So I love doing this. The problem is that I have a day job. So I need to do this work when I get home. That means no playing video games with the Missus. And I have to skip playing with the kids.

My plan is to not do this forever. Either I am going to make some recurring profit or not. So I won't have to work 2 jobs forever. But my start-up is truly a second job that requires a lot of time that would otherwise go to the family. We are all in this together making a sacrifice.