Sharing an Executable

I tested several free web hosts. My main goal was to upload an executable, and make it accessible via an http link. This task appears to be unsupported by most of the free web hosts.

One web host I tried was GeoCities. Their name was familiar because I used to use Yahoo all the time, and I think Yahoo bought GeoCities. So I signed up for an account. This was easy because I already had Yahoo mail. I was told to check my mail to find the signup info. Funny thing was that Yahoo marked the e-mail as spam. But the e-mail came from themselves. Did not matter though, because they do not allow executables to be shared.

The I tried Tripod from Lycos. I had to opt out of a ton of offers to sign up for a free account. However they also turned out to not allow executables to be shared. Reason was that this could spread viruses.

Award Space was a better experience. They had an 18 page terms of service document. Their signup page had a small 3 line control to read these terms. But I copied the terms out to a Word document and poured through it. They stated clearly in there that they do not support executables. Made my life easy. I passed before I even signed up.