Web Host Search

My requirements were simple. Needed a free web host. It had to allow people to access an executable I upload. Finding free web hosts was not very hard. But finding a good one seemed to elude me at first.

I tried out ZendURL. But I ran into problems almost immediately when they ran out of disk space while trying to create my account. Normally I would expect administrators to keep an eye on these things and manage disk usage to prevent this. Not here though. After my account had creation problems, my subsequent actions always got errors like "Warning: opendirfailed to opendir: No such file or directory".

So then I tried HelioHost. I should have known I was in for a treat when the opening page asked "Tired of all the n00b hosts on the net?" But I gave them a try. The top of the signup page had quotes like "All your base are belong to us" and "We areteh roxxors". OK. When I tried to create an account, I just got a "PWNED" message, and the PHP script hung forever. At this point I was not even sure this was a real web hosting site. Maybe it was a joke. Time to continue the search.