Site Traffic

So I fixed one problem. Provided a site where you can view lots of Britney Spears pictures on one big page. But I created another problem. Nobody was coming to my site. I thought that if you build it, they will come. No such luck.

I am a problem solver. And when I can solve problems by writing code, even better. So I decided to write an app that would direct traffic to my site. What kind of app? Well the Britney Spears image viewer of course.

Britview version 1 was born. I got a bunch of Britney Spears images. Converted them to bitmaps. Embedded them as resources in my application. And Britview would cycle through displaying them one at a time. The drawback was that my executable was huge.

Britview version 2 improved upon this. I know client/server. So I hosted all the images as jpegs up on a server. The app would download them to the local drive and display them. Had a little trouble at first displaying the jpegs. But I got a free library written in C++ to solve that.

Britview version 3 added another twist. I was worried that if a lot of people downloaded and ran my app, my server would die trying to serve up the images. So I figured there were plenty of images already out on the web. My latest version went and downloaded the pictures directly from other servers.

You can see and get Britview 3.0 for yourself.