The Britney Blog

I thought perhaps software maintenance was too narrow a topic. More specifically, I thought it was a topic for too narrow an audience. So I thought about my interests and what was popular. Of course. I could write a blog about Britney Spears.

Unfortunately I do not have any deep insights into Britney news. But I do like looking at Britney Spears pictures. The trouble with a lot of web sites is that you have to do a lot of clicking to see each image. Or the images are embedded amongst a lot of fluff like advertising.

Well I saw a problem and decided to create a fix for it. I would make my Britney Spears blog have a lot of images all available on the same page with little other than the images. Now of course I needed some ads to try to make a buck. But the goal was to be heavy on the images, all on one page.

At first I gave each image a title and some comments. But that took away from the pictures. So I instead put a paragraph after every 20 pictures or so. I needed some text for the Adsense code to detect my topic.

Revenue generated by the Britney Spears big image blog? Nada.