Product #3

So I have gone through the task of figure out how a user submits software to download sites. Now I am trying to figure out how to automate this. And I don't mean writing a program that fills in fields on a page displayed in Internet Explorer. I am talking about performing an equivalent submission in straight code.

I do not have a lot of experience doing web programming. All I know how to do is to download a file given a URL. So I hit up google to find some information. There seems to be a lot of documentation on how web forms work. But there are a lot of details. Not a lot of small concrete examples in C++ code.

This is the beauty of development. You got to dig in and figure stuff out. This is going to be a fun but long project. I am think that my program will be some scaled down type of AI which reads the download site web page. Then depending on how complicated the user inputs are, it does an equivalent action with code.