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I was starting to think no free web hosting plans exist which allows sharing of executables via http. But I thought I would give a couple more a try. Free Hostia was ranked high by c-net. I uploaded my EXE file and crossed my fingers. But I kept getting a permissions error when I tried to download the EXE. Others file types I uploaded worked fine.

So I tried to work with Free Hostia customer support. Opened a trouble ticket. Response came back quick stating you could not put an EXE on the Internet. I responded that you could and showed some examples from other web hosts. Then I got another quick response stating my file size was too big. So I uploaded a smaller EXE test program. Finally I got the real answer. They do not support EXEs.

About this time I got an e-mail from X10. My account registration had been approved. So I put my executable out there. And I finally got what I needed. I could download my executable using an http URL. Just when I thought all my problems were solved, the X10 web server went down for a while. I started looking for how to report this to customer service. And I found some disturbing news. Seems the support staff was having a stressful time. I saw posts from them like ""If you don't like it, leave" and "Do not PM staff". Their attitude was that it is a free service so customer should not expect much. I am going to monitor their web server up time and figure out if I need to start looking again.