Software Release

So I had a Britney Spears blog. And I had a program that would try to drive users to the site. Now I needed to gete my program to users. Since my goal was to get traffic to my site, I figured that I would give my advertising program away for free. I know people can download freeware from the Internet. But where do I send my program so it can get downloaded?

I had previously ran acress a program which would automactially submit your shareware/freeware to over 1000 download sites. This program even had a trial version which was free for 30 days. How could I lose? So I installed this uploading program thinking it would work magic. But there was still work to do. It required you to fill out a lot of information about your program.

One of the difficulties in using the posting program was that I needed my software on the web where one URL could launch a download. I have an ISP. So I put my advertising program on there. Unfortunately my ISP would only allow access via https (secure HTTP). I would later find that many sites featuring freeware could not deal with https.

So I started looking for another web site to host my downloadable executable. Many free web hosts specifically prohibit this. Others do not mention this, but you find out the hard way when you sign up and try to share an executable from their servers. I guess I could have searched for a paid web host that would server up my executable. But I wanted to keep costs low until I was bringing in some revenue. So the search was on for a free web host which would allow an http link which would initiate downloading of my program.