Software Popularity

Now that it has been a couple months since I released a couple free applications, I thought I would do a little analysis on them. To tell the truth I have not closely tracked who was downloading which of my application. Instead I am relying on a popular download site which does track the downloads (and has all of my first couple applications).

Here are the metrics on my 3 applications from

(1) LindsayL, released 01/15/2008, downloaded 26 times
(2) ParisVu, released 01/23/2008, downloaded 72 times
(3) Britview, released 01/15/2008, downloaded 208 times

So the question I want to know is "Why did Britview get the most downloads?" All 3 applications were released around the same time. Each has very similar descriptions and screen shots. I decided to use to analyze the market and competition for each of these applications. Here are the metrics from

(1) Lindsay Lohan, 9 other applications, top competitor has 13000 downloads
(2) Paris Hilton, 12 other applications, top competitor has 155000 downloads
(3) Britney Spears, 31 other applications, top competitor has 117000 downloads

Well it appears that Lindsay Lohan is not a popular software download topic. Judging by the sheer number of other apps, Britney may be the most popular topic for a software app. However another Paris Hilton application had mega-downloads.

At this point, I am willing to concede that topic popularity may have a great deal of influence over the number of downloads you get for your software. My next homework assignment is to study the Paris Hilton application which got numerous downloads, even though the topic does not seem to have a lot of competitors or downloads for my own application.

Until next time, peace.