Denied Advertising

I was recently informed that some of my sites were denied by the AdEngage network. Apparently my Britney Spears Image Gallery did not have enough content. This is understandable. The site consists of one page with tons of images. There is a little text inserted to help contextual ad programs determine what is there. But I admit this site may be lite on verbiage.

Another message came from AdEngage stating that my Hannah Montana Letters blog did not have enough traffic. I found this strange. Currently I use Bidvertiser to count page impressions. It said I got 100 page impressions this week. So this may not be a massive audience. But AdEngage accepted my Software Maintenance blog which only got 150 page impressions this week. This seems like a random traffic requirement.

Hey. If AdEngage does not want to make money by putting ads on my site, I am fine with that. We shall see if they generate profits for me on the sites that they did accept. If not, then I say "next" to this advertiser.

In closing I thought I would share some feedback I got from AdBrite for some sites which did not meet their criteria. Both my Britney Spears Image Gallery and Chick Stories blog contained adult material in the eyes of AdBrite. I do not agree with this classification. However I appreciate that AdBrite moved those ad campaigns to their adult affiliate network. At least they have a plan to help me continue to make money, instead of outright rejecting me. We shall see how profitable AdBrite advertising is for me.