Cost Per Click

I finally started earning some revenue from my AdEngage ads. However I was disappointed with an average cost per click of 4 cents. Actually this is the average profit per click that I make as an advertiser. It is truly dismal. However I have not had many clicks yet. So this may be an anomaly. Only time will tell.

My ADster ads earn me an average of 19 cents per click. This by itself is not a great rate. However I seem to make out due to the higher volume of clicks I get on my ADster ads. I cannot recall the exact details, but I think my Google AdSense click profit was even a little higher than ADster.

One thing is for sure. I have entirely gotten rid of my Bidvertiser network ads. I don't know what kind of cost per click those ads would have earned for me. But that was the problem. I wasn't getting any click revenue at all from Bidvertiser. Time to officially cancel my Bidvertiser account.