Bidvertiser versus AdEngage

I have been disappointed with my nonexistent Bidvertiser earnings. The reports are showing that I am getting page views on my web sites. However the reports show that nobody is clicking on my ads. This does not make sense. ADster is showing that I am getting a steady clicks on a daily basis. I have noticed that most of the time when I bring up my web pages, the Bidvertiser ad section is entirely empty. However the ads show up when I refresh my browser pages. Perhaps this is some kind of bug with the ads. Or maybe the ads are incompatible with my blogger templates. Whatever the reason, I am unhappy because I am not earning money.

When I was analyzing my ad color scheme on one page, I clicked on a Bidvertiser ad by mistake. This took me to the advertiser's landing page. I told myself that I needed to be a lot more careful. I had been putting ads on my web pages for about 6 months. But this is the first time I clicked an ad on my own site by mistake. I figured there was no reason to cry over spilled milk. And I could always contact Bidvertiser and tell them to cancel that click because it was done in error. However this gave me an opportunity to check if Bidvertiser was correctly logging the clicks and crediting me. Sure enough I saw one click in the zone for that particular web site of mine.

Unfortunately I have concluded that I cannot afford to rent out ad space on my sites to Bidvertiser if I am not making any money at all. So for now I have been slowly replacing all my Bidvertiser ads with new ones from AdEngage. I just signed up with this service. And I will put the earnings from them through the same scrutiny that I applied to Bidvertiser. I will say that I like the deep ad format customization that AdEngage provides me. And so far the ads come up when I first load my web pages. Wish me luck