Out with Bidvertiser

I have completed the process of replacing all the Bidvertiser ads on my site with AdEngage ads. In the end, I made no money at all with Bidvertiser. Not sure if it was the placement of the ads. Or perhaps the ads were not targeted well enough. Whatever the reason, no revenue means no space on my site for you.

So far AdEngage has not provided me with any revenue either. But it is early in the game. I will give AdEngage some time to prove itself. The gold standard these ad networks need to live up to is ADster. I currently get click through on a daily basis for my ADster ads. Therefore I put their ads on the best locations of my web sites.

In the end, I might just put ADster ads on multiple locations of each of my web pages. I hope this will result in high gains from traffic that comes to my sites. I eagerly away my first check from ADster. At the current rate, it might be a pretty good payday.