Multiple Video Marketing

I was reading a forum about Google AdSense. One of the posts had a signature line with the poster's web page. So I visited it. It has some interesting ads on the page. I clicked through one of the ads to get to a marketing page. And I found it to be a very interesting technique to get users to sign up.

Now I am sure you have seen slick Internet marketing pages before. Lots of nice colors and professional looking text. Many times the owner comes out with a message for you, which is often communicated in a video. However this site was a little different. There were about 5 or 6 videos throughout the page. Each video told you a little more about the opportunity.

Normally I give the video a click, but then stop the video and leave the page. But the site I was viewing had a number of short and interesting videos. I was surprised that I found myself clicking each of the videos to see what the guy was going to say next. Now I did not sign up for anything on this site. But the message was heard at least. Yes it may be a gimmick. But in this case it worked. Currently I don't do any video on my web sites. But if I did, I would want to take this technique under consideration.