Working Smartly

I like the old saying that it is better to work smart that to work hard. This is all the more important since I have limited time to work on my ISV. Initially I had a plan to do some blogging and make some cash with advertising. The trick to making the money is to drive traffic to your web site. At first I wrote about what I know (software development). Then I figured I would put up some pictures of celebrities and give away software that drove users to my sites.

They say you need to track everything when trying to make money from advertising. So far I have only been tracking which web site ads were making me the most money. I had the same volume of clicks on my software and celebrity sites. But the pay per click varied drastically between the two. The Google Adsense terms of service state that I cannot publish the pay per click figures. But let's just say I can focus on my software development blog, and I will be working smartly.