Pay Per Trick

I have written some applications which download and display pictures of celebrities. My thought was to have the applications allow the users to visit my web page where there was Google adsense. This technique was failing miserably. I was not getting many clicks. And when I did, I was only getting paid 1 or 2 cents a click.

But I had spent considerable time setting up the infrastructure for graphic download/display programs. So I thought I would give it one more go. However this time I decided to use a new strategy to get adsense revenue. Instead of creating a corresponding web site, hoping users would visit and click ads, I required a visit to use my latest application. Each time you run it you must visit my site and click a link.

This may seem a bit evil. But hey, I am distributing my program for free. There is actually an activation link on my page which takes you to my main landing page for all my products. However there are a lot of other links on the activation page which the user might click. I am banking on it. So far in one day I had made as much in one day as I have previously in one month.

I am pushing out my application to a number of additional download sites to see if I can increase my profits. And even though profits are up significantly, I made next to nothing before. So now I am making peanuts. But it is a start. Perhaps this is the new method I can use for other applications. I might even revive my application submitter program because I have the need for one now.