Software Distribution Sites

So I had developer a program that I wanted to distribute. I used another program to automatically post my program to a bunch of sites. I also manually uploaded the program info to other sites. This activity took a lot of time, even when I used an automated program to assist me.

After 5 days I knew people were downloading my app, because I track the page views on the web site users of the app visit. I can say I had some success since I got more hits on this programs product page than any of my other products. Part of this success is due to the fact that I require users to activate the application on my page.

I wanted to gauge how well the sites that I uploaded my program to were doing for me. So I just googled for my program. And I found that many sites will divulge how many times my program was downloaded from their sites. Here are some raw statistics:
  • 61 downloads - Softpedia
  • 15 downloads - Best Vista Downloads
  • 12 downloads - Best Freeware Download
  • 05 downloads - Download 3k
  • 04 downloads - Best Software 4 Download
  • 03 downloads - KSourcerer
  • 03 downloads - Freeware 2 Have
  • 01 downloads - Freeware Box

The most interesting statistic was that well over half of my downloads were coming from just one site. Kudos to you Softpedia. Perhaps in the future I can just post my products to SoftPedia and dispense with the other sites. Or maybe I will submit to just the top 3 sites, which according to the numbers above, account for 80% of all downloads.