Nothing is Free

I was reading this blog today. The author had a technical argument with another guy. He really worked hard to defend his position in his post. What caught my eye was an advertisement on the side of his blog. The ad said that I could get technical books for free.

This is when I clicked the ad. At the very least, the blog author was going to make some cash from my click. The landing page for the ad emphasized that I could win free books, and that shipping was free too. For a second I contemplated signing up to be able to claim my chance at free books. Then I came to my senses.

Why would somebody be giving away books for free? Technical books are expensive. There has to be a catch. I don't need to even look further to find out what the catch is. There is always a catch. These guys are not in the business of losing money by purchasing free books for me. I will give them credit. They had me going for a second. However they could not close the deal.