Fast Turn Around

We live in a three story house. Now that summertime is approaching, the top level is starting to get really hot. The real shame is that my central air conditioning runs all the time running up the electric bill. However that just makes the basement cold. Time to buy a solution to this problem.

I tried going to the local Home Depot to pick up some window air conditioning units. Their stock was pathetic. Well at least I tried to buy from the local guy. Next I went online to shop at Amazon. They had every window air conditioning unit ever made ready to ship. There were even tons of user reviews that helped me stay away from the duds.

Amazon got me to buy a bunch of them. It helped that shipping was free. Later that night I got messages from Amazon stating that the units had shipped already. The next day, the first unit had arrived at my house. You can't beat this service. Free shipping that is very speedy. They exceed their estimated delivery time by a week or two. You can bet that I am going back to Amazon for all my big dollar hardware needs. Epic win Amazon.