Anonymous Accusation

I read a rant from the makers of the Friendly Rank web site. They have a function where you can upload your pictures to the site. Then it asks people to rank which picture looks best. The site then let's you know what your best picture is. The idea is that you can use your best picture as your profile picture.

Friendly Rank allegedly tried to license the technology to the OkCupid dating site. However they were turned down. Now OkCupid has released their MyBestFace function. Guess what that does? It let's you upload pictures, has people vote on the best ones, and let's you know the results.

Now this may in fact be a case of OkCupied ripping off somebody else's ideas. If so, Friendly Rank should take them to court. Hopefully they have a patent on the technology. However the thing that seemed suspicious to me was that the Friendly Rank web page that complains about OkCupid ripping then off is signed "Shannon B".

LOL. Who is Shannon B? And why is she not posting her last name, company title, and contact information. It is almost like she is hiding behind the omitted last name. If you have a valid complaint, let people know who you are, and stand behind it. Your complaint loses all its power when you try to lodge it anonymously.