This Is How You Do It

I was searching for blog information on a particular book. One such blog had some advertising links. I followed one link. It brought me to a page with more advertising links. I clicked through and landed on the Unreal Stocks landing page. That is where I saw some great advertising.

This page had a lot of features in common with other sales lead generation pages. They promise some type of big money. Then they ask for your e-mail address. Normally I pass on these offers. I don't want any spam. And I don't want anybody trying to sell me stuff.

However the Unreal Stock page had a great set of closing arguments. They said their stuff was not free. In fact, they stated that their services cost a lot of money. However they were willing to let me try them for free without any credit cards or any other such nonsense. That was a good start. Then their sign up area had the killer picture. Here was a young hot girl, wearing a tight t-shirt, holding up a lot of cash. That's a winner. For that picture alone I am giving them my e-mail address. They have reached me. Now they just need to have a good product and they have won over a new customer.