Great Guerrilla Marketing

I read this huge post on techniques for guerrilla marketing. There were so many ideas. Many of them seemed liked things I could do myself. I think I will give it a try and see where it takes me. I am always willing to do things outside the box to make some money. Here goes.

One whole set of ideas revolves around business cards. I am not talking about handing out your business cards. Instead put them in books at the library that relate to your business. Or you could slip them in magazines at the bookstore or the dentist. Nice touch huh? Finally you can enter contests where you drop your business card in a big bowl. Do it to win and to do some marketing.

Doing some guest blogging is a no brainer. Author an e-book whose only purpose is to market your business. You can also write editorials for newspapers. Make sure to include a byline which references your web site URL.

I will try some or all of these great ideas. When I do and analyze the results, I will let you know how I fare. Good luck to me.