Anti MLM

A few months back, I clicked on a web advertisement link. That brought me to a web site by a guy who supposedly retired very young. There was an annoying speech in the background. Some parts of the site were comical. Others seemed insightful. I thought I would describe some of the things I saw on the site.

Let’s start with some of the cheesy stuff I saw. There were a lot of pictures of happy people vacationing. I guess they were trying to say that if I followed the advice, or bought something from them, I could vacation as well. Umm yeah. There was a picture of the guy running the sight with Donald Trump. Yes I do know who Donald Trump is. No I am not impressed that you got your picture taken with him.

Now let’s talk about the angle this guy is pitching. He said you need a mentor that shares tools with you. I bet you this guy wants to be my mentor … at a price. He also says that products should sell themselves. I like the sound of that. Selling should not require high fees to do the business. You should have a marketing plan that is simple.

The guy continues in saying that direct sales are best. You should not need to get involved with any multilevel marketing. That is music to my ears. A lot of business opportunities on the web are just tried old MLM schemes in disguise. He also goes on to say that you need a team to support your sales. I just hope he is not in the business of supplying teams to people like me at a cost. Finally he recommends that you trust your instinct in business. I am not sure how to feel about that. I guess it hinges on your instincts.

I do not plan on doing business with this guy. He is obviously paying money to get people to his web site. Often times I wonder about people who are trying to teach me how to success at business. If you know the secret to becoming rich in business, why don’t you use those secrets to get rich yourself. You would think that knowledge of true successful techniques would be kept secret. And at the very least, you would not want to hawk those secrets for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.