Advertising Failure

I saw the image to the left in an advertisement for Burger King. The sandwich is a seven-incher that will BLOW me away? Yeah. I get it. You are trying to make references to a blow job. I have a message for you. That is totally weak.

Burger King has some good food. But their advertising makes me gag. I will give them this. The blow job ad beats the guy with the weird kind plastic face. But not by much. No wonder I usually go to McDonald's for lunch.

Listen up Burger King. I know sex sells. But don't try to be coy. If you want to employ sex to sell your new sandwich, then show me show blond bimbos with huge jugs. Just come right out there and admit what you are doing. Then I will buy your stuff. Otherwise you should quit while you are ahead. I am trying to help you out here.