Chain Mail Redux

Today I received a chain mail via e-mail. It claimed that I would receive "a Ericsson T18 Laptop" if I forwarded the e-mail to 8 other people. Furthermore it stated that I would receive "an Ericsson R320 Laptop" if I forwarded the e-mail to 20 other people. All I had to do is ensure the e-mails carbon copied Anna Swelung at Ericsson dot com.

Ha ha. What a joke. Some people actually fell for this. That's how I ended up receiving the e-mail. Come on people. How dense can you be. There is not even any T18 or R320 laptop that is produced by Ericsson. Those are model numbers for old Ericsson cell phone. Ericsson has stated that there is no employee named Anna Swelung working for their firm.

Watch out for other variations of this prank. Some versions promise you a free cell phone from Nokia. It is not like big cell phone companies do not give anything away. But when they do, you don't get entered by forwarding chain mails. You fill out an official entry form and mail it in, or at least go to their web site where they host the context. Why are people propagating these chain mails online? I guess somebody is getting a good laugh out of this.